Who is Amanda “Butta P” Small?

If there is anything lacking in hip-hop’s current climate, it’s a woman’s sensibility. Our brave new world needs it now more than ever. But how many are willing to take it where it needs to go?

For almost a decade, Butta P — who gained her footing as a member of renowned Miami group Rhema Soul — has been lending her voice to the culture. Her sharp lyrics, combined with her infectious flow and penchant for melody, has long been a draw for fans of music with a confessional energy. There’s no denying her, both as a presence and a preserver of hip-hop that boasts substance and equal parts lightheartedness.

Now, after five critically lauded albums and years of national touring and speaking, from international gatherings to stadiums across the country, Butta P ventures out on her own. Perfecting her solo sound has become priority, reaching deep within herself to extract what will penetrate our collective consciousness. What’s to come is something meaningful, an artistic approach that seamlessly merges the fun with the impassioned, the personal with the relatable.