Angel In Purple


Romans 12:13Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

I started one morning off later than usual. I had been working at a leadership conference hosted by my church that weekend. I stepped in as a photographer for the event. I was a speaker for one of the breakout sessions and to end off the weekend, I also performed. Needless to say, this morning I was tired. I told myself I wasn’t going to rush that morning. I was going to just enjoy my moments. So after about 30 minutes of cuddling with my children, I got them up, made breakfast and got them ready for school. After I dropped them I made a quick stop at the store. As I finished paying for my purchase, an elderly woman, 93 years old to be exact, was brought in on her wheel chair and she looked a little frazzled. We made eye contact and she asked if someone could help her get the stuff she needed to buy from her shopping list. I immediately said “Yes, I would love to. I am in no hurry. Let’s do it.” 

As I wheeled her through out the store looking for the items, she thanked me non stop for my kindness. I let her know it was genuinely my pleasure. I was able to enjoy this one hour of unplanned time with a complete stranger. As we walked and talked I began to find out a little about her and she about me. Her name was Irene and she had just turned 93 years old. I felt a tug at my heart to remind her that God still had a plan and purpose for her, even at 93. She smiled and said, “Oh God bless you.” What she didn’t realize was this moment for me was already a blessing. I spent all weekend serving the local church. I was exhausted, I could’ve easily told myself, “I’m tired. I’m done serving.” But I saw an opportunity to show the love of Christ to someone outside of the four walls, where it’s least expected. I didn’t have to quote tons of scripture or tell her some long sermon. I simply had to do, to be, and to show, Christ to her. It was an honor for God to use me that day to meet Irene where she was at.

It is so rewarding when you are able to be of service to someone else. It’s an even bigger reward when they are able to meet Christ just by you demonstrating the love of Christ to them. I may never see Irene again. But she will always remember the day that “the angel in purple” (as she called me), made a difference in her world, even if it was for just that moment. It was a God moment. God met her where she was at and used me to meet her need. 

Are you allowing God to use you to help meet someone’s need?
Never allow a simple inconvenience keep you from reflecting the love of Christ to someone who may need it.